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Profile Meme (just because, really)

[Character Name] Daisuke Jigen
[Canon] Lupin III
[Point Taken from Canon] Some days after the last episode of the First Series.

[Age] Never explicit in canon, but I assume it's 30-31
[Gender] Male
[Sexual Orientation] It's blurry, really.

[Eye Color] Black
[Hair Color] Black
[Height] 178cm (around 5'8ft)
[Weight] 70kg (around 154lb)
[Clothing] This is pretty accurate!
[Room At a_facility] Suite 26, Room C


Jigen's story begins back in the mid 50's, in Italy. As a kid, his life was pretty uneventful. Both his parents worked and he was constantly left alone at home, but he never seemed to care much. He also didn't seem to care about his lack of friends at school, even though his parents seemed to worry about that.

When he turned 16 though, he constantly looked through the front window of his house as he studied, and could see the big mafia guys and the lords of the underworld ride their expensive cars, go out with gorgeous women, eat at the best restaurants... He wanted that life for him. A life full of luxury and riches. He wanted to go out in the streets and get recognized by everyone... Get respected by everyone.

His parents soon found out about his fascination with the world of crime. And when his father gave him quite a severe beating, Jigen decided to leave his house and build a life for himself, somewhere else.

It didn't take long for him to acquire his very first gun, a M19 Combat Magnum. The man who sold it to him gave him two or three quick lessons on how to handle it, and off he went to get his share of respect and money. It was pretty clear that he was slightly talented when it came to shooting, but his over excitement whenever he had to use his gun lead him to many mistakes. So, for a while, he just limited himself to pick people's pockets. He also tended to go from hostel to hostel, and occasionally he would sleep somewhere in some alleyway... That was definitely far from from the glamorous life he had envisioned for himself.

One day though, upon hearing about an abandoned warehouse where this mafia group supposedly hid jewels and other valuables, Jigen decided to sneak inside and see it for himself. He was able to get inside unnoticed and, for moment, he really thought he wasn't going to have any problems.

But he was wrong.

When he was just mere feet away from the safe that kept all the riches he was aiming for, a bunch of members from the group he was trying to steal from appeared, ambushing him. All of them were already there, just waiting for someone to show up, since that warehouse had been set as a trap for a particular rival group.

Jigen was able to shoot some of the men chasing after him, but couldn't really kill anyone, not even injure anyone badly enough. And when a couple of shots grazed him and he got cornered, he stopped shooting, a multitude of guns pointed at him.

He thought he was gone for good, until he heard some clapping not too far away. That's when he first laid eyes on Cesare. When the man introduced himself, Jigen was both surprised and scared that he was face to face with a man who had quite a high standard in the underworld, and he honestly thought that was the end for him.

Although, instead of finishing him off, the man praised Jigen for his spunk and his gunning abilities, but, according to him, the young gunman could "improve his aim a little". Cesare could see that his underlings had shots on their legs and arms, but no one had been fatally wounded.

Finally, came the opportunity Jigen had been waiting for: Cesare asked him if he wanted to join him as a member of his organization, but under one condition: he had to learn how to handle his gun better, in two months or less.

Naturally, Jigen accepted the challenge right away, and was then trained by Spade (who would later be known as the 'God' of the underworld), an exceptionally talented gunman from the US that passed on all his knowledge to the teenager. And Jigen learned every single one of those tricks, becoming, in a quite short window of time, almost as good as Spade. The youngster also applied all of Spade's code of honor to his life. According to the older man, a gunman without principles was just another guy with a gun, and Jigen didn't want to be just another guy. He wanted to be special and be recognized by that.

To prove his newly acquired abilities, he was assigned a simple mission: assassinate the leader of a rival group.

Showing little to no hesitation, Jigen went on to execute the orders given to him. After all, he needed to cause a good first impression. Still, the first time in that kind of job was quite hard and even unsettling, and it took him a while to gather the guts to do so. After all, shooting cans and clay pigeons was one thing. Shooting people and committing murder was something totally different.

But when the promise of popularity and money surfaced to his mind again, he found the motivation he needed to pull the trigger. And he felt even more motivated when everyone around him started praising him for his 'abilities'. Specially when said compliments came from Cesare himself, a man Jigen grew to obey and respect above everything else.

The teen would happily and willingly fulfil any mission given to him, as his aim was to get his boss' confidence as quickly as possible, proving him that he could handle any job he was assigned to. With that attitude, when he turned 17, he became Cesare's body-guard, aside from being his main hitman.

Needless to say, Jigen was elated at the time. He went from being a nobody to being the right-hand of one of the most powerful mafia bosses in the country. That was a pretty fortunate twist of events and he couldn't be happier about that.

As the time passed, Jigen got closer to his boss, regularly following him everywhere he went to and, ultimately, being invited to live at his mansion, something that he accepted right on the spot. To him, it was both and honour and a privilege to live under the same roof with someone who, at least through Jigen's eyes, was so powerful and influential.

Although, all the praising he got from Cesare, mixed with his limitless admiration and respect towards that man, lead Jigen to care about his boss maybe a little bit too much, until he felt like being only his body-guard wasn't enough. He wanted to be close to him. Closer than anyone ever was. Suddenly, he realized that he loved that man unconditionally.

Still, there was no way Jigen could tell his boss about how he really felt. First of all, there was the obvious factor that they were both men. No respectful mafia organization would allow such sexual deviation. Second, there was a huge age gap between the both of them. While Jigen was only 17 at the time (and, because of that, obviously under aged, despite the fact that everyone in the organization treated him like an adult), Cesare was way past his thirties. Such laud behaviour wouldn't be accepted either. Finally, Jigen didn't even know if Cesare felt the same way about him. And it was clear he didn't.

The youngster was aware of all those aggravations, but a part of him wanted to believe that his boss felt the exact same way and could look past such obstacles, so then they could be together. Jigen would lie down on his bed, night after night, staring at the door, expecting Cesare to just show up at his room one day, unexpectedly, to finally take him. But such thing never happened.

Realizing that his boss would never look at him under that kind of light, Jigen showed his affection towards him the only way he knew: by protecting him from everything and everyone, by doing everything he was told to with absurd efficiency. And due to that, when he turned 18, he was known – and generally feared – by almost everyone in the underworld as one of the most efficient hitman, what was quite the title taking into account his age. He also became known by his visibly icy attitude towards everyone, even towards Cesare. Jigen believed that he should hide all his feelings the best way he could, as to not let his love for his boss slip.

Some months before he hit 19, he met a girl just about his age called Evangeline. Long, lustrous blonde hair, perfect skin, beautiful blue eyes... The kind of girl any guy would be more than willing to date. And Jigen was no exception. As soon as he laid eyes on her, it was like his feelings for his boss didn't matter a bit. All he could think of was her. And suddenly, he didn't want to hide his feelings anymore.

One month after they met, they started seeing each other more and more regularly, until they started going out and, finally, started dating, three days after he turned 19. Suddenly, everything seemed to be falling into place and Jigen's life seemed to be going as smoothly as ever.

Although, all that started to crumble, a lot faster than he anticipated.

A couple of months after he started dating Evangeline (and they eventually moved to a place of their on where they started living together) Cesare had acquired quite a high amount of fame and respect throughout all the country, and his attitude started to change. It was clear for everyone he had gone mad with power, and that translated to his actions.

Suddenly, next thing Jigen knows is that Cesare is asking him to threat all kinds of people. Women, children, elders... Civilians and innocent people in general. At first, the young gunman swallowed his principles and did as he was told, but when he was ordered to kill the owner of a restaurant who had a wife and three children, he simply refused to do so, much to his boss' dismay and Jigen's own disappointment, since his feelings for his boss were still rather strong.

After that, Jigen, nearing his 20th birthday, decided that he wouldn't abide to Cesare's rules anymore. He started packing his things and told Evangeline that he was going to flee from the country, so then he could be free from his boss' orders, and asked her to go with him. She instantly complied, agreeing to run away with him by boat, the next night.

Nighttime came around the next day and they both hopped into the small boat that was given to Jigen by Cesare himself. And off they went, the boat zipping through the waters in the middle of the night.

When they were considerably far from the coast, Jigen stopped the boat and started to think about where exactly they could go to. Although, much to his surprise, Evangeline got a gun from her bag and pointed it at him, a strange devilish smile on her face. She then proceeded to tell him that she was under Cesare's orders all along, and that she was hired to keep an eye on him. And, if he ever stepped out of the line, she had all the right to eliminate him.

Shocked and crushed by that sudden revelation, Jigen didn't even have the time to come up with anything to say, before being shot right on the chest and collapsing on the boat, his lifeless body being kicked into the ocean afterward as Evangeline went back to the shore with the boat.

Jigen never knew what exactly happened after that, but when he finally woke up, he found himself on an unknown room, lying on an unknown bed, bandages wrapped around all over his torso in a rather untidy way, his chest hurting considerably. But one thing was for sure: he was alive. How or why, he didn't know, but he was. It didn't take long for him to get an answer though: an old lady stepped into the bedroom not too long after he woke up, looking exceptionally concerned about his injure.

He inquired her about who she was and how in the blazes she saved him, and she explained that she was just an old fisher-woman that lived on an small island not too far from the coast of Italy. When Jigen was shot, she was nearby and heard it, so she went to investigate just to find his body floating in the water. He asked her why she helped him, even though she knew nothing about him, and she just said that was the right thing to do.

Time started to pass as Jigen hit 20 and slowly recovered from his gunshot, watching the old lady come and go from the island, as he just sat around her house and did nothing. It felt just like when he was a kid, and it felt strange. She offered to take him to a hospital, but he told her he was OK. He didn't want to risk going back to Italy and get killed for good this time.

When Jigen was fully recovered, he ended up building a solid relationship with the old lady – whom he never really bothered to learn the name, and she never got his name either – helping her with her fishing and whatnot. When she finally asked him why he got shot like that, he didn't really tell her the real story, and just said he was trying to flee from a group that was trying to kill him. She seemed OK with that condensed version of his story, and asked no further questions. She didn't even bother asking why he had a gun with him when she rescued him.

One day, the woman showed up with something unusual: apparently, she found someone that could make Jigen a plethora of fake documents, and she told him to use those to flee to France, and from there he had to decide where he wanted to go. She showed him the documents and told him that now his name was Daisuke Jigen, and she even went through the trouble of building a back story about him being half-Japanese, finding him good quality clothes and whatnot...

Visibly surprised by her sudden act of 'kindness', Jigen couldn't help but ask her why she did all that, and she once again said that it was because that was the right thing to do.

The trip from the island to the shore of France was the last time Jigen saw the nameless old lady, but she left a quite vivid impression on his mind. And a positive one, of all things. Before leaving, he thanked her with utmost sincerity, as to what she responded with a smile and left to tend to her fishing business once again.

From there, Jigen hopped from country to country, all over Europe, for years, doing some small jobs here and there to get money, and going in and out of prisons all the time.

Almost five years into that, he sudden fell the urge to go back to Italy and hunt down Cesare, completely out of spite. After so many years, Jigen had become a spectacular gunman, and he trusted his abilities enough to go after his boss and eliminate him properly and without much problems.

Still something – or better yet, someone – got on his way.

When arriving in Italy again, the whole country a twisted mockery from the fabulous place he knew from when he was a kid, it seemed like his fame, even under a fake name, had arrived to that place as well, as it seemed like there was people in every corner trying to kill him. Eventually, he got a job to get some money, before going after Cesare, and that's when he got to know the ever-so-lovely Angelica, the daughter of a rich magnate, and they happened to meet when his 'job' didn't really go the way he planned.

She was the nicest and most comprehensible person he ever met, and her feelings for him were absolutely genuine. She loved him with clear honesty and, even though Jigen did feel the same for her, and did try to make their relationship work, it was short lived. He couldn't risk putting her in danger due to his past or even his present, where every corner meant another crook trying to end his life. He wouldn't be able to live knowing that he had exposed her to such threatening situations.

So then he left her behind, fleeing from Italy once again. His petty vengeance could wait, if that meant Angelica could be safe from harm.

Trying to keep his mind off those feelings and thoughts, Jigen flew to the US, more specifically San Francisco. By the time he got there, he was already 26 and apparently his fame hadn't reached overseas yet, since no one seemed to respect him the way people did back in Europe. Although, the gunman quickly decided to 'mend' the situation, not hiding from anyone in the underworld the fact that he was pretty skilled with his gun and didn't hesitate killing people.

A year later he got involved with a group of people that could only be defined by one world: mercenaries. They would do any kind of job, anytime, if the payment was good enough. And among those merciless killers and terrorists, there was a man that seemed to be overly interested in him: Mash.

Mash was an extremely violent man, with an ego the size of the Everest, and quite unstable too. His reliability was also highly questionable, as he had the fame of 'changing sides' as easily as 1-2-3. Needless to say, he was everything that Jigen condemned condensed in one single person, and the same worked the other way around. The mercenary seemed to despise the gunman's clear sense of honour and his inability to see the 'beauty' of mindless violence. As strange as it seemed though, they didn't kill each other right away. They did have a relationship of mutual hatred, but that didn't really seem to be enough for them to do something like that.

The time passed and, in an even stranger turn of events, both men started to actually share a weird bond, based mostly on the dislike they had for each other, but also fuelled by some kind of twisted feeling of lust.

Building a kind of relationship that anyone in their right mind could only consider as 'unhealthy', things worked like that: they would spend the whole day exchanging menacing glares, with Mash spitting out words covered in pure hate when referring to Jigen, as to the gunman would only respond with a grunt or a shrug, much to the mercenaries frustration, since he got great pleasure out of people's anger; and then, at night, they would sneak inside each other's quarters and spend it together, the muffled sounds of moaning and heavy breathing echoing through the room as Jigen pretty much allowed Mash to do whatever he wanted, in a rather willingly manner.

And then, as it would be expected, everything ended just like that.

It certainly was no surprise when Mash betrayed not only Jigen, but everyone in the group they were part of, completely out of greed. After an operation somewhere on an icy plain pretty much in the middle of nowhere, where they would split a hefty sum of money between them, the mercenary just simply shot everyone else and fled with the money.

Still, he wasn't able to hurt Jigen fatally. This time though, aside from the fact that he actually expected Mash' betrayal, there was no old lady to help him out and he had to go back to civilization on his own, while bleeding from his arm (the only part of his that Mash was able to I injure considerably).

After getting patched up properly, he went to New York and decided to call it quits. He simply couldn't go on leading that life. So he just rented a rather small apartment, and just stayed there, quietly, trying not to get involved with the world outside. And he was able to keep that for over an year, now finally nearing his thirties and realizing that the dream he once had was never truly fulfilled.

But then, Lupin happened.

During his rather moronic routine of going out to buy food or cigarettes and going back home, just occasionally having to deal with some guy trying to eliminate him to prove something – said people being repelled by Jigen with only a shot on the hand or the wrist – Lupin popped out seemingly out of nowhere, offering him a chance to be his partner.

Jigen politely refused and went on his merry way, but the thief, being the pushy individual he is, kept on appearing everywhere the gunman went to from supermarkets to pharmacies, and even his own apartment, what clearly bothered Jigen. He even went to the extend of giving the gunman a box full of money to get his sympathy.

Finally, one day, when Jigen was cornered by two guys and had little to no chance of escaping, Lupin showed up to 'save the day', killing the two men that were threatening him. He then offered Jigen the opportunity of partnership yet again, guaranteeing that he wouldn't do anything that could disappoint the gunman.

Still with some reluctance, he accepted the offer gave to him. It wouldn't hurt to try one last time. He had nothing to lose anyway.

And, despite the fact that Jigen clearly wouldn't trust anyone so soon, it didn't really take all that long for Lupin to get his confidence. Maybe, it was because he didn’t give the gunman any motive to believe that he would betray him or simply discard him when he didn't need him anymore. Or maybe it was the fact that time just passed and they got along just fine despite their clearly opposing personalities.

Whatever was the reason behind that, their partnership stood strong throughout the years and, well, the rest is pretty much story. There's some important facts that happen afterwards though: after meeting, Jigen and Loops move to Japan and eventually meet Fujiko Mine. There's also this particular year where Lupin goes to jail and stays there for a full year and Jigen is like "Whatever... He can escape anytime anyway..." and he just starts getting worried in the LAST DAY (Jigen, pls...). Lupin escapes eventually (because he's just that good). They meet Goemon in the way and at the time he's a psycho but they end up making friends with him anyway just because. Some time later one of their plans goes down the drain and all of them need to go separate ways. For some reason Jigen goes to Australia.

They stay separated for 5 years or so until they re-unite and go on adventures together again. Later on Jigen discovers that Spade isn't OH SO HONORED as he used to be, and He reunites with Angelica just to watch her die in his arms (sucks to be him apparently...). Welp, at least he gets to 'kill' Mash (Indirectly. I mean, really. He dies by drowning. I suppose he dies, who knows... Nothing is 100% in this show anyway! people get burned alive and then came back perfectly fine!)

Quick Timeline Reference:
1957 - Leaves home and his parents behind, acquires his M19 Magnum, gets trained by Spade and is hired by Cesare
1958 - Gets turned into Cesare's bodyguard and right arm, becomes infatuated to him
1959 - Meets Evangeline, falls in love with her and starts living with her
1960 - Due to disagreements with his boss, tries to leave the country with Evangeline and is ultimately shot by her. Ends up being saved by an old fisherwoman.
1961 - Leaves old lady behind, starts hopping all over Europe under the fake name Daisuke Jigen
1965 - Returns to Italy to hunt down his former boss, his plans getting interrupted when he meets with Angelica and he has a short lived relationship with her
1966 - Flees to San Francisco in the US, starts building a reputation there
1967 - Joins a group of mercenaries, meets Mash, builds a relationship wit him
1968 - The whole mercenary group gets murdered by Mash, Jigen luckily escapes and goes to live in New York
1970 - Meets Lupin, starts a partnership with him and they move to Japan
1971 - Fujiko joins their group, Lupin gets arrested for a year
1972 - Lupin escapes, Goemon joins the group, everyone ends up going separate ways later on
1977 - Everyone reunites again!

First things first, Jigen isn't the type of person to be all that much social. He prefers to keep his interactions with others to a minimum, unless he 1) is totally sure that he can trust that person or 2) can relate to that person at least to some extent.

But, he does appreciate having some fun from time to time. After all, all work and no play isn't the way to live. Of course that he isn't always willing to party and go out like Lupin, but when he feels like it, he can be a somewhat good company to keep around, if he wants someone to be around that is.

Despite his anti-social behaviour, Jigen isn't exactly short tempered or quick to anger. He's actually pretty calm and cool, despite being an alleged criminal with a pretty extensive file, but when people start stepping on his toes a little bit too much (or escaping from him on a regular basis when he’s trying to kill them) and they are in for getting yelled at and, possibly, injured, depending on how much he cares about said person. It isn't hard to see him yell in protest at some of Lupin's attitudes, and he's one of his closest friends, so one must be careful about what he/she says or does to him.

Also, even though he's a thief and, mostly, an assassin, he's a man of honor and a reliable partner (if you are able to get him to ‘befriend’ you that is). If he ever gives someone his word, he's sure to keep it, no matter what, unless said someone tries to make a fool of him. And it must be noted that he isn't very eager to get involved with women. No one is exactly sure why he distrusts them so much, but it's better not to push him too much about that.

Finally, he's pretty ambitious, and once he finds something that he's really interested into, be it money, jewels or some random golden statue from a rich man, he's going after it. But he's sure to keep some level of caution while acting, because one slip can lead to prison or something a lot more worst. In short, he’s a lot more cautious than his pal Lupin (but then again, Lupin is one hell of a lucky bastard, so he doesn’t really need caution…).

Other funny 'tidbits' about his personality which aren't important to the story but are worth mentioning: his favorite drink is whisky and his favorite gun is the S&W Combat Magnum M19. Also, he doesn’t like people messing with his hat, specially taking it off his head. DON'T DO IT UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET SHOT IN THE HAND! Oh, and his feet tend to itch when he feels that something REAL BAD is about to unfold. Yes, this is canon, as weird as it sounds.

Mainly, he's one exceptional shooter, with the ability to aim and shoot with amazing precision and speed (it is rumoured that he has a drawing time of 0.3 seconds with a handgun, but these are just RUMORS, right???). He’s more inclined to make use of revolvers, which are his speciality, but he'll be happy to shoot with anything from machine guns to sniping rifles. He's just THAT obsessed with guns. Also, the thing about the hat over his eyes? It’s just so you don't where he's looking at, so he might be aiming at you without you even knowing. Spooky, right?

Still on the same subject, he's fairly good at hand-to-hand fighting, but nothing really above normal when compared to someone leading a life of crime similar to his. So, he can hold his own against, like, average people, but you can't really expect him to take down people who are considerably stronger than him with his bare hands. Especially if they come in numbers. He might be quick on his feet, but that ability can only take him so far...

Regarding other traits, he can pass by someone else pretty easily, due to his ability to disguise himself, a skill that he probably got to learn from Lupin, whom is amazingly talented when it comes to that.

In short, affection in all forms will be accepted by the mun, but since Jigen isn't exactly 'social', he won't really enjoy it all that much. Approach at your discretion XD

As said before, he can fight, but it's also totally and completely possible to hurt him, specially if he's unarmed. He's just a normal human being anyways. But he isn't the kind that starts fights with people for no reason. They have to give him a reason for that, and a good one too. He isn't going to start an argument because you got the last cookie, but he'll be more than willing to fight if you start to annoy the hell out of him (or happens to threat the people he cares about).

[Other Permissions] Some fourth wall breaking here and there is accepted, for amusement purposes (I do enjoy the occasional whatthefuckery XD). Just don't go too much overboard with that (although, I don't see much fourth wall breaking potential for this character, what's pretty sad D=). Also, death might be an option. Just ask me and I'll probably give you the green flag, if it's something cool and nice *haha*

[Other Facts] Keep in mind one thing: Jigen comes from those remote years known as the 70's (yeah, long time ago) and he's definitely not familiar with all the technological advances of today, so don't expect him to suddenly 'know' how to use them. He can learn, but that won't happen magically XD


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